One Year One Outfit is a challenge to make a locally sourced outfit in a year. Anyone interested in garment making is welcome to join in.  Most participants record their findings through social media and use the tag #1year1outfit to keep in touch with the group. 



The Rules 2016

You can aim to make an outfit that meet any of the categories below.



Meet the Fibreshed requirements:

– the fibre must be farmed and processed wholly in southwest Western Australia (a generous 500km radius).  Note that Fibreshed does allow some remote manufacturing where it is not available locally.

– all fibres must be natural

– any dyeing must use local non synthetic materials

– all fabric and clothing made must be of quality construction so as to ensure the life of the clothing is long, and not need excessive ironing or washing.

2. Reinventer

Your outfit can include second hand components or notions where local options are not available.  Your main fibre must be from your Fibreshed.

3. Investigator

Use any fibre or notions you like, but you must investigate the entire supply chain and tell the story of why you chose it.  You can use secondhand components, but again, tell the story of where it was made, what it was made of, as far as you can discover.

2016 Paricipants

Sign up is now open here

Perth –  Carolyn , Sue , Megan , Tracey, Kyra and Nicki (that’s me)

Melbourne – Rachel from Reduce,reuse,recycle,  TanjaPips,
, Michelle

NSW –  Kath (participating via the facebook group)

New Zealand – LibbyDoe Arnot

UK – Elle, Charlotte, Norma , Zoe

North America –  Tasha, Ginger Makes, Donna, Helen, Evolution of a Sewist, Laura, Jeannie,   Ericka, Susan.


Netherlands and BelgiumMieke



The Rules 2015

Can be found in this post. The project has now become a proud Fibreshed affiliate project .

Complete Outfits in 2015

Australia and New Zealand


United States of America


Participants 2015

Perth –  Carolyn (In), Sue (In), Megan (In) and Nicki (that’s me)


NSW – Raquel

New Zealand – Libby

UK – Elle (In), Steely seamstressRachel, Zoe

North America – Jess (In),   Ericka, Rebecca, Mari, Tasha, Threadlover

GermanyUte , Jule and Silvia



Resources by Area

One Year One Outfit Fibreshed Affiliate Facebook Page

Green Fiber Directory South West Australia

US  Guide and South East USA

UK Guide


Pinterest Board of #1year1outfit Posts