Naturally dyed ginger preparation

In preparation for making a pair of pants using the popular Ginger Jeans pattern I have been putting a piece of stretch bamboo twill through a few paces in the dye pot.

Step 1: A rough concertina fold and a very tight wrapping

Step 2:   A simmer and 24 soak in the peppermint (Agonis flexuosa) + iron dye pot (from this post)

natural dyeing progress

Step 3: A forage for local dye plants – wattle, bottlebrush, hibiscus and pomegranateGinger Dyeing

Step 4: Folding the sides in and rolling  around a stick whilst my youngest stomped the flowers down

Step 5: Steaming for an hour

Ginger Dyeing

Step 6: Leaving to cool then unwrapping to find what worked – black wattle leaves, yellow wattle spots, red pomegranate and bottlebrush splats –

Ginger Dyeing

and what didn’t – the hibiscus!  And wishing I was more patient and waiting longer until unwrapping!

Ginger Dyeing

Overall it was a little patchy

Ginger Dyeing

Step 7: Strengthening the stripes – concertina and simmer / soak in pomegranate and then again in a fresh peppermint dye pot

And now pondering whether I do one last flower steaming before I start to sew as it faded quite a bit with the next stages but then again, perhaps simple is best… What do you think?  Am I done?

Ginger Dye

Ginger Dye
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9 thoughts on “Naturally dyed ginger preparation

  1. If the fabric was for me, I’d say done to perfection! I could not love this more! But it also looks amazing where the flower steaming worked, like a watercolor painting. So if you are after this then I would try one more steaming. I am so curious to see how the effect will look on the pants legs!

  2. I love how you steamed the flowers. The shibori effect combined with that looks great. I love all the texture and color. I’d say if you have the time do it again if it’s faded. I can’t wait to see the results!

  3. This looks so good!! We’ve just dabbled in some indigo dyeing but nowhere near this level of sophistication! I love how this looks too but am with Ute, maybe one more go with those flowers, the watercolour effect is beautiful. I thought indigo dyeing was labour intensive, this is a whole new level of dedication! We’ve started growing our own Japanese indigo because my husband is hell bent on having Japanese blue and also we can pick the leaves fresh and don’t need any nasty chemicals. Can’t wait to see how your fabric turns out.

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