#1year1outfit Heartwarming Tales

b heartwarmer

When you are doing something difficult or new do you find your mind constantly battling against the thoughts “why cant I just?”  

b heartwarmer

I can easily get anything I need to make clothes from the local fabric store, and even with a reasonable hunt around the op shops I can find fabric notions galore to make any project a winner.  But this project, no.  It is not easy.  There is no local thread.  There are no local zips.  And every time I hit a wall my mind races with all the “why cant I justs?”

b heartwarmer

What really bothers me about it is that this thinking is so natural to me.  It seems to be a habit to just ignore the wider consequences and go with what is immediately within my grasp.  How do you break this mindset, how do you do the right thing, when any easier, faster option is always within our reach?

b heartwarmer

Whilst I battle against the why can’t I justs in making my local outfit, I needed an easy win. So this local handspun corriedale (from Bilby Yarns) became a heartwarmer for my gorgeous boy who is now the proud owner of my first #1year1outfit make.


Here is a glimpse at my progress on my #1year1outfit.  Chaotic. Anyone else doing a project that really challenges your mindset? 1y1o why cant i just

14 thoughts on “#1year1outfit Heartwarming Tales

  1. Hmm, you’re being more rigorous than I am! And possibly too hard on yourself? I’ve gotten as far as making a wearable muslin of my first garment, from all stash stuff. Except I bought new zippers for both versions … I admit had written off trying to get local fastenings, thread etc. from the beginning.
    The goal of the project is a fantastic one, but somewhere there has to be a balance between challenging yourself and making yourself crazy … small steps are still progress, I believe!

    • Ah, yes, I am being tough on myself. At the start, I was thinking I would use secondhand fastenings and thread but as time went on I’ve gradually found solutions to most things. I am liking the fact that it really pushes me to think differently, and even that it has exposed my laziness to some extent. Hopefully it means I can be more mindful in the future. I don’t expect everyone to take it this far, I’m just enjoying the challenge!

  2. That challenge is what is so good about OYOO. I love that it has pushed us to learn so many new skills, not to mention the new friendships that have resulted. My outfit is all over the table at the moment too! Your pictures are beautiful.

    • I guess sometimes you need to take on something really agitating to challenge your mindset! I am glad yours is in a state too, the messes will slowly evolve into a beautiful butterflies! I am really really grateful for the support of our little team, it has made it all so much more achievable, so thank you too 🙂

  3. I love the heart warmer and the fact that all of us have contributed a small part in making a local industry (and, therefore, community) more sustainable is the big bonus. Because of your challenge I have learned new skills, met new people, and as Megan said, made new friends. No matter what I finish up producing, it will be a winner.

    • Yes, thank you! Great reminder, I have to keep telling myself that too. At the start of the year I couldn’t even knit! It has been wonderful working together as a little team and I am so very glad I started this challenge for all the reason you mention.

  4. I’ve definitely felt this pain recently! On a whim I started looking up the Material Safety Data Sheets of common natural dye mordants and came face to face with the truism that ‘natural doesn’t necessarily mean safe’. Oh, what heartbreak! Would I never have bright colours again? I’m still not sure what the answer is to that, but a chat to an environmental tester friend has calmed some of my fears at least.

    Congratulations on finishing your first piece! Will you be giving more details of the make in another post? I can piece some of the story together from past posts, but it’d be nice to know more 🙂

      • Thank you! In return, I’ll promise to write a post with details about dye mordants. The short answer is that most common mordants are classed as dangerous to aquatic life. My friend tests commercial sites for chemical residues etc. and he thinks that at the home level, the amounts we dispose would be small enough that they wouldn’t pose a problem. Having said that, finding this out has made me super aware of disposal when dying at home – just because its an eco dye doesn’t make it safe 😦 It’s definitely one of those moments where I wished I’d never thought to ask the question..!

      • Oh yes, I did learn this somewhere along the way which is why I’ve been playing with plants that do not need a mordant. The colours certainly are not bright, but they are pretty!

  5. I’m all over the place, but only in my head, with this project at the moment. School summer holidays have put a bit of a halt to any practical progress for the last few weeks… and I’m giving myself a bit of slack there because this is how things should be I think! That question: how to do the right thing when an easier, quicker option is always within reach? – it resonates loud and true for me and it comes up almost every time I do anything these days… it has financial as well as practical ramifications and part of the answer, for me at least, is to do less and to try to go with the slowness of finding ways around things. The ‘doing less’ thing so doesn’t come naturally to me and slowness just isn’t always possible put into a wider context – Tasha’s points about balance ring true – to move forward a satisfying amount we all need to pick our challenges and surrender to others for the time being…

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