#1year1outfit Zac’s Tank Top

Introducing the second completed item of my 100% Western Australian outfit, a snuggly alpaca singlet. The yarn is from Zac, a local alpaca. Zac’s yarn was farmed and milled in Toodjay at the Fiber of the Gods farm.

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Right now I could do a little happy dance!  Yeeeeeessss. I am the boss of the needles.


Zac’s Tank

Pattern: Quince and Co Togue Pond

Yarn: 220g of Black alpaca 8ply from Zac, farmed and milled by Hazel and Michael at the Fiber of the Gods.  See more about our visit to the farm here.

Needles: I knitted on size 4.5 – 6 needles as per the pattern.

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Tidbits:  I have had quite a bit of trouble getting a knitted garment together this year with little to no experience before starting this challenge.  I built up to this project by making hats and shawls and then dived head long into cables before reassessing and deciding on this pattern.

Despite this pattern being designed for a linen yarn, I decided I could make it work as the hem line was exactly what my outfit needed.  I swatched and sized up a little to be safe.  To stay true to the design I could have lengthened at the waist, but I wanted it to be cropped to go with the skirt I had in mind so stuck with the design length as is.  For someone knitting their very first garment, I was pretty blasé about making changes here and there as I went, most notably making the neckline higher, but I trusted my instinct on the sizing as I went and luckily for me it all worked out in the end!

Lessons:   I could do with a knitting lesson or two!  I am incredibly slow, with this little thing taking me over 2 months.

Also, sewing weekends are incredible fun, delicious and productive. I highly recommend them!

Back with more soon!  Be sure to check out what the other #1year1outfit participants are up to.

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9 thoughts on “#1year1outfit Zac’s Tank Top

  1. The black is such a fabulous colour and I bet it feels wonderful too. You have done such a great job with your knitting, I love the way you wing some bits. Can’t wait to see your next part of the challenge!

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