#1year1outfit Reflections

I had a chance to reflect on the 2015 #1year1outfit project as part of this month’s Seamwork magazine issue.   Hop on over and let me know what you think.

My gorgeous friend Kerry Bardot took the wonderful photos for the article and I thought you’d enjoy the outtakes.






13 thoughts on “#1year1outfit Reflections

  1. I’d just spotted it – the article & photos are great. Thanks for including me. I’m also in this issue, talking about spinning! 🙂

  2. After reading your blog and keeping up with #1year1outfit, it was so great to see your article in Seamwork, a magazine that I’ve both loved and wished included more of exactly what your article started to address. So thank you!!! I’m really really excited to see how #1year1outfit evolves this year and who knows, maybe in 2017 I’ll finally decide to join in.

    Also, that forest is GORGEOUS! Here in Boston we are only just starting to see tiny green leaves emerge as spring (hopefully?) gets underway – never mind that it just got over snowing on us for three days straight.

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