#1year1outfit West Australian Coatigan

I’ve done it, I have a gigantic oversized West Aussie hug to see me through the winters!

1y1o 2016

This coat is West Australian sourced, spun and made.  It has travelled from Roselea the alpaca to local spinning mill, and into to my hands.  The enormity of the task of turning this beautiful fibre into a woven garment was eased by the assistance of my certificate weaving teacher, Ilka White.

1y1o 2016

Whilst exploring the weaving options available to me during the course, I decided to focus on the shapes of eucalypt blossoms given that the natural colour of Roselea and her indigo overdye reminded me so much of the beautiful hues in the bark.  Weaving operates on a grid so I first tamed the shapes into a more rectangular formation.

1y1o 20161y1o 2016

This structure is called a double deflected weave and the scale of the pattern I could achieve made it particularly attractive.  The cloth was woven on a large floor loom, and I used the entire width, milking it for all it was worth! Once off the loom, the open weave and drape of the fabric gave me pause.  I had to re-imagine my original concept of a more structured coat to suit the fabric.

1y1o 2016

The coat was hand sewn with the very same alpaca yarn and I have largely left the edges as they came off the loom, as I felt it was a more genuine approach to the piece.  The collar was supported by a piece of merino felt left over from last years project.

1y1o 2016

So there you have it, the first part of my #1year1outfit project for this year.  Entirely West Australian with the small concession of using an imported biodynamic indigo powder as a starter seed to make the organic indigo vat, with local honey and lime.

1y1o 2016

To those of you also making local garments, I hope this gives you a little extra pep to keep at it.   I hope that I have something to wear under the jacket by the end of the year, if not, I am sure I can wrap this around enough…..

Alpaca: Windella Alpaca

Spinning: Fiber of the Gods

Dyeing:  Biodynamic organic indigo vat with local honey and lime

Weaving:  Double Deflected Weave, Self woven with the assistance of Ilka White

Sewing:  Hand sewn with alpaca and felt, self drafted.

Process Posts: #1year1outfit  

Worn with:  Naturally dyed Ginger Jeans and Wenona Bike Shirt

PhotographyBaker Photography

1y1o 2016 1y1o 2016

26 thoughts on “#1year1outfit West Australian Coatigan

  1. I am in awe. This is such an incredibly special and beautiful piece. I love the interpretation of the flower in the design and the other design of little dashes complements it perfectly. The colour is subtle and lovely and the coatigan was an inspired choice to show off this fabric. I’m going back to look at it again x

  2. Wow. Its a truly beautiful piece! Congratulations.
    I have realised that my own #oneyearoneoutfit project probably won’t be completed until next year, as I have to save up some money to buy the fabric I want to use. But it’s very inspiring to see others projects while mine is on hold.

    • Time lines are completely flexible! The raw materials do cost more than the usual, one of the downsides. That said, these projects to me are something completely special and worth doing.

  3. Beautiful! It’s wonderful how much thought went into this, and that you were still able to change the plan to suit the fabric when it needed it. I love the textures!

  4. Congratulations on achieving such a wonderful piece towards your outfit! I love the wildflower inspiration and the weave pattern is magnificent. What an epic journey you’ve been on!

  5. It’s beautiful! The way you’ve done it shows off the cloth perfectly. It’s a real advert for making your own local clothes c

  6. This is so breathtakingly beautiful! Fragile and strong at the same time. Like you…. You have magic in your hands, Nicki.

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