#1year1outfit 2016 Final Projects


Roll up, roll up it is time to get your #1year1outfit endeavours together and show us what you have got!   Leave a comment on this very blog post with a link to your projects so I can compile a visual feast for us all.  Partial completions and progress reports are very, very welcome. Closing date for this round will be March 15.

I am going to leave the project open and running with the same rules for 2017 and will do a final round up in December 2017 for anyone that missed this deadline.   I am going to keep pottering along in 2017 with a couple of items that I didn’t get to in 2016.

Thank you for your understanding and patience over the last few months.  You will be pleased to know that I am feeling healthy and recharged again thanks to the break.

xx  Nicki

6 thoughts on “#1year1outfit 2016 Final Projects

  1. It’s wonderful that you are feeling well again Nicki! I am nearly done, and will work to your deadline. I also have some plans for this year, but they will be simpler!

  2. Yeah I am still knitting that sweater which supposedly was my #1year1outfit project for 2016 … however I have plans for 2017 and some of them include spinning semi-local cotton!

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