#1year1outfit 2016


The Aim

In 2016, I am going to again seek to make an outfit from local sources and document my learning.  I aim to collect stories from around the globe from other participants to form a record of these grass roots experiences.


Some History


Inspired by  Rebecca Burgess of  Fibershed, who used a 150 mile radius to source the fibre, dyes and labour for a years worth of clothing, I set about about  finding out if it was possible in Australia.    As making clothes is a hobby, I set a more realistic goal for myself in 2015 and aimed to make just one outfit in a year.

The project became an official Fibreshed affiliate and a few intrepid participants from around the globe joined in and their final outfits will be launched on this blog in January 2016.  My final outfit and supporting posts can all be seen here.

The Ground Rules

In 2016, I am keen to expand the concept a little wider to include other elements that I consider important to the sustainability of textiles.   You can aim to make an outfit that meet any of the categories below.


  1. Master 

Meet the Fibreshed requirements:

– the fibre must be farmed and processed wholly in southwest Western Australia (a generous 500km radius).  Note that Fibreshed does allow some remote manufacturing where it is not available locally.

– all fibres must be natural

– any dyeing must use local non synthetic materials

– all fabric and clothing made must be of quality construction so as to ensure the life of the clothing is long, and not need excessive ironing or washing.

2. Reinventer

Your outfit can include second hand components or notions where local options are not available.  Your main fibre must be from your Fibreshed.

3. Investigator

Use any fibre or notions you like, but you must investigate the entire supply chain and tell the story of why you chose it.  You can use secondhand components, but again, tell the story of where it was made, what it was made of, as far as you can discover.


One of the most important aspects of this project is to document the challenges.

In addition to making an outfit that meets these categories, I will again commit to only buying new fabrics or fibres that fit into the categories above.  In 2015, I did buy a couple of lengths of fabric, but aside from  that found it easy enough to buy second-hand or do stash swaps when needed.  The addition of the investigator category should make it even easier to buy new if needed.



I ask that you use the tag #1year1outfit to share information on the project.  An outline of this project and its participants is available through my main menu bar,  I hope this will be a useful link when referring people to the project.

I have started a One Year One Outfit Facebook page and also collect posts onto the One Year One Outfit pinterest board.  I have been using Instagram to connect with participants in 2015 but am open to other options in 2016 that make it easier to keep in touch.

I am looking for one or two people to help me administer these outreach sites, so if you are a Pinterest or Facebook lover please let me know.

An Invitation

This is all an adventure, one that you are welcome to actively join in at your own pace. Sign up below with your name and a link to follow your progress (blog, instagram, Facebook or emailing me updates all welcome).

Have you been inspired by this years participants to give it a go?  Do you like the new categories, and which do you think you will aim for?



45 thoughts on “#1year1outfit 2016

  1. Two days to go until I can begin my 1year1outfit adventure! I’ll be going with the first option and documenting my crafting and hunting on IG under the handle Tanja Bliss.

  2. This year, I am totally in!!! I’m so excited! I live in the Northern California. I’ve already been knitting myself a pair of wool tights from local sheep. I can’t wait to reveal a whole Fibershed outfit. What do you think about my using cotton fabric that was grown in CA (Sally Fox’s farm, Capay Valley), but it was milled in Japan?? It’s difficult (read: impossible) to find local milled cotton/fabric!

    • Hi Jeannie, there has been quite a few fibershed groups springing up around the US so I would start by getting in touch with the closest group and seeing what they have found. As long as you explore each stage of processing and are happy you’ve made the best choice available then go for it. Many participants this year found out a lot by contacting local mills too, and occasionally came up with a win. I set aside a good 6 months for sourcing/ research last year and it was pretty full on at the end but doable, especially if you’ve already started making 🙂

      • California definitely has local mills! But, the thing is: they’re wool mills (not cotton). The best cotton mills are across the country for me (on east coast). I can definitely get cotton milled in the U.S.! I guess that’s better than Japan. But, that cotton is often NOT organic, which is of utmost importance and a required criteria for my Fibershed outfit! Well, I could weave my own fabric to make clothing?? I’m considering it…..

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  4. I’m in! Not sure at what “level”, but I do have a lot of fiber that’s regional – gotten at a fiber festival that’s a couple hours from me. It’s a growing, but not a major one so fleece wouldn’t be further than a state or two away I don’t think – though several of them are from the auction and I don’t have a lot of information about the specific producers. Is it okay to just see where one ends up? LOL

  5. I’m in also! I’m in central N.Y. state in U.S. I have been raising my own flock of sheep for 8 years and for the last four years, I have worked with other local shepherds to take their raw wool and turn it into value added products. I love the idea of 1 Year, 1 Outfit!

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  9. I want to join this as well. I know I’m a bit late, as it’s April already, but I want to give it a go. I’m located in Norway. I don’t know if the Master level is achievable, but that’s my aim anyway. I know I can find local wool fiber here, but it will be fun to se what else I can find locally made. I’ll most likely document on my instagram account and my blog.

    • Welcome! I think almost everyone is aiming for master with the knowledge that they can use the other options as back up. I am very excited to see what you find in Norway!

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