#1year1outfit 2015 USA Finale

Next up, we have Mari, Jess, Helen and Tasha from the USA.   Thanks to the hard work of individuals like Rebecca Burgess and Natalie Chanin, the local fiber movement is gaining serious momentum in the US.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at this map of Fibershed affiliates!

The participants made great lists of local fabric suppliers, which, whilst niche, do exist:

Not all areas of the US have locally processed cotton fabric in their area, but wool and alpaca were relatively easy to come by.  There is also a flourishing natural dye industry.

Some of the must read posts from the US participants:

I proudly present the talented three that completed garments in 2015. Click the images to follow their stories in more detail.  I am very excited at the number of US participants signed up for 2016, and look forward to that number growing even more due to the hard work done by the pioneers in this area.

Mari from Gather and Grow

Following Mari’s progress this year was an honour.  I think that making from the earth is in her bones.  Mari was one of two participants that managed to both spin her fiber and then knit it within the year.  Quite the feat!  Her outfit is made from local alpaca and organic cotton, and I recommend dedicating some time to thumbing through her blog, or possibly peruse her boutique locally sourced naturally dyed yarns.


Jess from Wardrobe Ecology

Jess produced a whooping 5 handknit garments as part of the project this year.  She focused on making garments that her wardrobe needed rather than an outfit and plans to continue into 2016.  I really wish I could raid her closet and snuggle into all these gorgeous knits!

Her summary report is a great resource for those looking for US made yarns.  Jess said, “one summary post for all these projects hardly does justice to how much I love these pieces, how much I learned making them, and how knitting with local materials has deepened my connection to my local landscape and community.”




1-2016-01-18 17.12.06


Tasha from Stale Bread into French Toast

Tasha spoke to my heart when she passionately explained why she was joining the project mid year 2015.  Tasha printed with natural dyes to make her skirt truly original.  I look forward to seeing where she takes the project in 2016.

“So there you go, my finished project!  Since I joined the #1year1outfit challenge late, I knew I wouldn’t make a whole outfit by the end of the year, but I really wanted to see how I could integrate making more conscious choices about the new fabrics I buy with what I already do.  And in that sense I succeeded!  I’m wearing my skirt below with things I previously made from secondhand garments (this shirt and this camisole if you’re curious), a scarf woven by my grandma, and mended socks.”

1year1outfit skirt 2


Helen from Helen Trejo

Helen is from the North Carolina Fibershed, and amazing spun all of the fiber for this wonderful dress!

“This was my first time making a garment entirely out of my hand-spun yarns, and it took a lot of determination and patience. I was motivated to work on it even though it was very labor intensive (over 800 yards of yarn plus hand-knitting!) because I was able to visit the fiber farms and meet the farmers that take care of them.”


Stay tuned for the European contingent..

(If you missed the Australia and NZ post see it here.)

12 thoughts on “#1year1outfit 2015 USA Finale

  1. Thanks so much Nicki! It’s great to see what everyone else has made, and very inspiring! I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing for 2016 (other than continuing to buy only “local” new fabrics) but seeing all these projects gives me lots of ideas. No matter what, I’ll definitely be carrying all I’ve learned from this project forwards.

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